Minot, ND Services Offered

Badger Daylighting of ND Inc

Badger Daylighting of ND Inc services the Minot, ND and surrounding areas in all daylighting services. We also cater to parts of South Dakota, Montana and Minnesota. With over 20 years of experience, we pay crucial attention to detail and offer 24/7 services, such as potholing, piling, pole holes, slot trenching, and debris removal.

Badger Daylighting of ND Inc's Services Offered:

  • Potholing / Daylighting Services:
    • Line exposing
    • Service and splice pits
    • Cathodic anode installation
    • Subsurface utility engineering
  • Piling And Pole Holing Services:
    • End bearing piles (full depth)
    • Friction piles (pilot holes)
    • Well monitoring Installations
    • Utility pole holes
    • Pole removals and pole replacements
    • Traffic signals and light standards installation
  • Slot Trenching Services:
    • Pipeline tie-ins
    • Slot trench installation
    • Slot trench investigation
    • Drain tile installation
    • Line fault repair and maintenance
  • Debris Removal / Cleanout Services:
    • Road and box culverts
    • Manhole and electrical vaults
    • Catch basins
    • Elevator shaft cleanouts
    • Ballast removal
    • Tank and structure cleanouts

Our trucks are super - suckers, enabling embibement of solids up to 8 inches in diameter where competition cannot.

Contact Badger Daylighting of ND Inc today at 701-340-6726 (office) or 701-340-6725 (dispatch) to speak with one of our knowledgeable staff members, or browse our website for more information regarding what Daylighting is or contact us.

groundwork services - Minot, ND - Badger Daylighting of ND Inc - Call 701.340.6726 for more details regarding our Daylighting Services
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